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Most Downloaded Music Ringtones

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People have been customizing their ringtones ever since that became a feature.

While some people do decide to leave the default ringing sound, most of us agree that it tends to get pretty boring after a while.

Now, there are a couple of tunes that have been downloaded more than others. You’ll probably recognize some of them as we list them down below.

Either way, we hope you enjoy reading about the most downloaded music ringtones throughout this article. Who knows? Maybe we’ll inspire you to update your own ringtone too!

1. The Nokia ringtone

Source: knowyourmobile.com

We can’t talk about ringtones without mentioning the good old Nokia tune at least once! It’s arguably one of the most popular ringtones to date, even today. No matter if it’s for the laughs or nostalgia, people are still downloading it and using it on their phones.

Now, of course, this is certainly not something everyone would do in 2024. It’s can seem a little tacky to some, which is perfectly understandable.

Nonetheless, the Nokia ringtone (and all of its remixes) will probably remain the most popular ringtone ever created for a long time.

2. Crazy Frog

Source: nme.com

Yup, believe it or not, Crazy Frog is among the most downloaded ringtones of all time. It peaked in the late 2000s when it reached worldwide popularity – it’s not very popular today.

We know what you’re thinking: who would want to hear that annoying song at random times during the day? Today, rarely anyone. Ten years ago? Well, seemingly everyone.

Either way, if you want to indulge in some nostalgia, Crazy Frog will take you on a trip down memory lane in no time whatsoever.

3. Classic phone ring

Some people like to keep things a bit more traditional – it’s probably why the classic phone ringing is one of the most downloaded ringtones in the world. It’s not for everyone, as the sound is quite harsh and loud at times, but many prefer it that way.

Now, there are many different variations of the classic old phone ringtone, so you wouldn’t be limited to a singular choice. There are even fun remixes for those who like to „spice it up“ a little bit.

You can explore these sounds online if it sounds like something you’d like to hear.

4. Popular Songs

Source: popsci.com

The music industry grows larger and larger every year. There are millions of popular songs that end up as ringtones.

While setting your ringtone to your favorite song is not as popular as it used to be, many still love hearing their favorite song whenever their phone rings. In fact, some people have a custom tone for different callers, which is both fun and useful at the same time.

There are even websites such as ZoneRingtones.com that provide mp3- sliced songs that are easy to download – you don’t have to make cuts yourself!

Of course, different individuals have different tastes in music, so there are thousands of relatively popular ringtones you can use, all coming from different genres.

5. iPhone’s default ringtone

Source: neuf.com

iPhone’s ringtone is a modern-day version of the old Nokia tune. Even some Android users were caught downloading it! It’s just incredibly popular and recognizable – everyone wants to use it.

If you have an iPhone, you won’t need to download it. However, if you have a non-Apple device on your hands, you can still have that iconic tune for yourself by finding an mp3 version online.

Be that as it may, we simply couldn’t finish this list without talking about iPhone’s Marimba. It’s one of the most fashionable ringtones you can have, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

6. Mosquito ringtone

The mosquito ringtone is famous for being inaudible to people under the age of 25. We’re not sure if that’s true, as we’ve never tested it, but teens seem to love the idea. It’s been one of the most popular for a while now, so if you haven’t heard it, you might be getting a bit old.

Jokes aside, if you’d like to test the ringtone with your family and friends, you can find it on YouTube. It would certainly be an interesting experiment to try out.

7. Movie and videogame soundtracks

Gamers and film enthusiasts around the globe will probably choose their favorite soundtracks for their ringtones. The logic is similar to popular music tracks – people just love to customize their phones.

You’ve probably heard The Godfather them as someone’s phone rang before. It’s nothing unusual.

Now, we can’t say the specific soundtracks that hold the „most downloaded“ title, as there are no official data for it anywhere. However, the more popular the game/movie is, the more likely is its soundtrack among the most downloaded ringtones of all time. So, the next time you hear Yakuza’s Baka Mitai as someone’s ringtone, don’t let it surprise you.

8. Alarm clock beep sound

If you like to keep it simple, the standard „alarm“ beep tune might be the perfect ringtone for you. You wouldn’t be alone – it’s among one of the most common ringtones of all time. You can hear that sound almost everywhere, even on newer phones.

If you’re interested in having your phone’s ringtone changed to a simple „beep“ sound, you can find an mp3 version of it online quite easily – just Google it! Again, there are many different versions of it, so look around until you find something that suits your preferences the most.

The bottom line

In this short article, we’ve listed the most downloaded ringtones of all time. You probably expected to see a few of them there (such as the original Nokia tune), as they’ve been around forever.

Either way, we hope you found this list to be interesting. If you don’t like any of them, that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone has the same taste as the majority. Just because something has been downloaded many times, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. So, if this is the case for you, perhaps you should try finding niche ringtones on the websites we’ve mentioned above.