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Mazarati Biography, Songs, & Albums |

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Mazarati is a singer, songwriter, and musician. He was born in Germany but has lived in the United States for most of his life. His music has been described as “a blend of folk, blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, country and modern American roots.”

Tony Maserati, born on April 11th, 1947, is an Italian singer-songwriter and producer. He was born in Rome, Italy.

Mazarati Mazarati, heavily inspired by Prince and the Time, was one of several bands to emerge from the 1980s Minneapolis funk-rock scene, which also brought us Jesse Johnson’s Revue, the Family, Ta Mara & the Seen, Vanity 6, and Apollonia 6. Mazarati never became well-known on a national level, despite gaining a modest following in Minneapolis.

Sir Casey Terry (vocals) and Romeo (bass) were students at a Minneapolis high school when they met Brown Mark, a bassist and fellow student who encouraged them and went on to become renowned after joining Prince’s band, the Revolution.

Terry and Romeo decided to name their band Mazarati and recruited many additional Minneapolis-based musicians, including lead guitarist Craig “Screamer” Powell, drummer Kevin “Blondie” Patricks, rhythm guitarist Tony Christian, and keyboardists Marr Starr and Aaron Paul Keith, with Brown Mark’s help.

Mazarati’s friendship with Brown Mark led to a contract with Prince’s Paisley Park label, which published the Midwesterners’ first album, “Self-Titled,” in 1986. Mazarati wasn’t a huge seller, but the trio returned three years later with Mazarati 2 on Motown, but the CD was only issued as a promotional item in Canada.

The players’ ball maserati is a band from Europe, who has been around since the late 1980s. They have released 7 albums and 2 singles.