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Icewear Vezzo Biography, Songs, & Albums |

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Icewear Vezzo is a DJ based in the UK. He has released songs on labels such as Black Hole Recordings, Viper Recordings, and his own label ‘Veto Records’.

Icewear Vezzo is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. He has released three studio albums, The Fading Light in 2015, In the Pines in 2017, and Troubled Minds in 2018.

Clarity 6 Icewear Vezzo, a Detroit rapper who got his start with Green Guyz and has been active as a solo artist since 2012, when he released The Clarity, his debut mixtape, delivers his tough rhymes with staccato elegance. Since then, he’s released the Billboard-charting The Clarity 3: Fully Blown (2014), the Motown-released Clarity 6 (2018), and Rich Off Pints (2024), as well as many songs with millions of streams, including “Champions” and “The Sit Down,” two of his many collaborations with Babyface Ray.

Robbin Season 2 Vezzo, who was born Chivez Smith in Detroit, has strong ties to the Midwest, particularly Minnesota, where some of his close cousins and siblings founded the rap group Green Guyz. With the permission of the original gang, Vezzo operated his own Detroit-based version of Green Guyz, but after acquiring some local clout, the young MC chose to go it alone. He released his first mixtape, The Clarity, in 2012, and a sequel, The Clarity 2:

Can’t Stop the Count, in 2013, which included “Money Phone.” That song, which was a breakthrough hit, was also included in his 2013 album The City Is Mine. In 2014, Vezzo’s Green Guyz cohort Webbo was one of the guests on The Clarity 3: Fully Blown, which charted on Billboard’s Heatseekers list. On Holloween, Vezzo’s birthday, he also released the Solitaires: Drank God cassette.

Clarity 4: I Can’t Fall Off was released in 2015, and it was followed by the song “Moon Walken.” Moon Walken, a full-length album, was released in 2016. Over the following several years, many productions ranging from Price Goin’ Up through the first volume of Robbin Season continued to come. Vezzo was temporarily associated with Motown at this time, the label that released the Clarity 6 album in 2018. During the following several years, Vezzo released some of his most commercially successful songs.

“The Sit Down,” which included fellow Detroiter Babyface Ray, was the highlight of Robbin Season 2 in 2024, while songs like “Champions,” “Meg the Stallion,” and “Up the Sco” (with Lil Durk) all rapidly surpassed one million listens. Rich Off Pints, a full-length featuring Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, and Dreezy, carried Vezzo’s popularity far into 2024.

Icewear Vezzo is an American singer-songwriter signed to Atlantic Records. He has released four albums so far, with the latest being The War. Reference: who is icewear vezzo signed to.