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Empire of the Sun is an Australian rock band that was formed in 1995. The band consists of Luke Steele on vocals and guitar, Nick Littlemore on drums, Dominic Howard on bass, and Daniel Blumberg on keyboards.

The empire of the sun movie song is a song that was written by two members of the band. It’s about their life and experiences in Australia during World War II.

Walking on a Dream Empire of the Sun, Australia’s larger-than-life electro-glam-pop combo, features Luke Steele of the Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore of Pnau. They are best known for their smash song “Walking on a Dream.” Steele had previously collaborated with Pnau on “With You Forever,” a song from the band’s self-titled third album from 2007, and the two had so much fun working together that they decided to create their own project, taking influence from Phoenix and Daft Punk. Empire of the Sun released their first album, Walking on a Dream, in the autumn of 2008, which the band characterized as a “spiritual road movie.”

The album, which included songs co-written by Pnau’s other half, Peter Mayes, went platinum in Australia, and the title tune became a worldwide smash single (even topping the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart nearly a decade after release when it was used in an American car advertisement).

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Following a period of touring and a brief break from the group to compose music for Cirque du Soleil, the pair reunited in the studio to begin production on their second album. Ice on the Dune, a disco-pop album released in early summer 2013, was followed by a global tour. Two new tracks, “Tonight” and “Wandering Star,” were released on the Dumb and Dumber To soundtrack in late 2014.

They spent most of the next year in Los Angeles and Hawaii composing and recording their third album, with guests including Lindsey Buckingham, members of David Bowie’s band from the Blackstar sessions, and Wendy Melvoin from Prince & the Revolution. Two Vines was released in October 2016, and it quickly rose to the top of the Australian charts, reaching just outside the Billboard Top 50. They released the On Our Way Home EP a year later, which included the title tune as well as B-sides and remixes.

The pair celebrated the tenth anniversary of their successful debut in 2019 with a limited-edition release that included a new song, “Chrysalis.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sings in Empire of the Sun Band?

The vocalist for the band is none other than Andy Williams.

How many songs does Empire of the Sun have?

There are currently 24 songs in the game.

Who writes Empire of the Sun songs?

Empire of the Sun is a band that writes its own songs.