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How to Perform Better at Football Betting

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If you’ve ever gotten into football betting, your goal was likely to make as much as possible from the venture. After placing the bets, you close your laptop and then make a prayer that you get lucky and hit it big.

Although making the right europa league picks could depend on luck, many more factors go into performing better at football betting. This article will outline the best tips that help with improving your football betting picks and getting rewards.

Best Tips for Experiencing Success as a Football Bettor

1. Try Out Matched Betting

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Numerous betting experts use matched betting to hedge wagers taken on football games. This simple strategy leverages free bets offered by bookmakers. You can then place a wager on a betting exchange to offset any anticipated losses associated with an initial bet. This way, you’re assured of getting rewards from your wagers.

In practice, matched betting allows you to bet on the result of a match and then make a counter-bet on the opposite result of the same match. For instance, when you bet on Team X winning a match, you’ve made an initial bet. When you head to another betting exchange and bet on Team X to lose that same match, you’ve engaged in matched betting.

2. Look Out for Arbitrage Bets

It is well-known in football betting that making a profit is the best result one can get. That’s why even though the rewards from arbitrage bets are small, they are still considered useful. Most of the time, bettors who engage in arbitrage bets get a 5% return on their initial bets.

To put it into a betting context, for every $100 placed in an arbitrage bet, $5 is gained, making the returns smaller but highly consistent. Although this kind of reward looks minuscule compared to the bigger bets that could be taken, 5% ROI isn’t bad for a wager lasting 90 minutes.

3. Enjoy the Small Rewards

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Several punters romance the idea of bet tickets offering massive returns. That is why many fail to win rewards. The fact remains that even a new punter can place a bet that offers a higher amount of potential winnings. However, what matters is if the bet ticket eventually comes in.

Most football betting experts hardly ever take bets with humongous potential winnings. Except a bettor is unfamiliar with probability and statistics, they won’t understand that the higher the odds on a bet ticket, the unlikelier the chances of winning. That’s why a very low percentage of the wagers that offer high potential returns are accurate.

Never go after big rewards on most of your wagers. The first step to avoiding this practice is realizing that rewards are rewards no matter how little they seem. Thus, you must be willing to bet on games with low odds and a better chance of winning. For instance, you’d best go for ‘double chance’ and ‘over/under’ bet markets.

4. Get Familiar with All Betting Markets

Although it seems like a no-brainer, several punters do not know about other bet markets. When advancing from the new to the intermediate level, you need to understand the various bet markets offered by the bookies. If you fail to do so, you’ll most likely commit meaningless errors or miss out on chances to increase your potential rewards.

The most popular type of bet market in football is a home win, draw, and away win. Nevertheless, there are several other types of bet markets that you can leverage to enhance your potential rewards. Other bet markets include double chance, both teams to score, and over/under.

Double chance is a situation when your wager comes in if the team you’re betting on wins or draws. This is better than the standard win type of bet that fails if two other outcomes in the form of a loss or draw are the final results.

Both teams to score is a bet market that comes in when both of the teams get at least one goal each. The odds associated with this type of bet are higher. You can also go for over and under types of bets. This means you have to predict the least number of goals to be scored in a match.

For instance, over 0.5 means at least one goal must be scored in a match. Over 1.5 means at least two goals must be scored in a match, and so on. Under 0.5 translates to no goals being scored in the match. Under 1.5 means at most one goal must be scored in the match; otherwise, you lose the wager.

5. Check Different Bookmaker Odds

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If you’ve engaged in betting for a substantial period, you’ll realize that various bookmakers offer different odds. For new football bettors, this fact comes as a surprise to them. You can relate this to real life. The price of a particular brand of wine in a club differs from the price of the same brand of wine sold in a street shop.

The odds offered on a match are different and, thus, will affect your potential rewards. For instance, the difference in odds on different bet exchanges could be 1.07 and 1.12. This means that on the bookmaker offering 1.07, you’d get $7 for every $100 wagered. The other bet exchange would offer $12 for every $100 wagered.

In both instances, you’d be taking the same level of risk. That’s why you need to go for bookies that offer higher odds.


Every bettor has the same goal, which revolves around making an increased level of rewards. Most punters feel successful wagers are based on luck rather than skill. Nevertheless, even though there’s a factor of luck included in every bet, getting big rewards is primarily due to the punter’s skill.

To enhance your success at football betting, you need to try matched betting, look out for arbitrage bets, enjoy small-sized rewards, and compare odds offered by various bookmakers.

Don’t forget to apply risk management techniques when betting on your favorite sports.