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Should I Agree to First Offer for Settlement?- Some Facts Revealed

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Getting compensated for injuries and damages is the primary goal of any car accident case. In rare cases, the plaintiff asks for the punishment for the defendant. Financial aid is needed so that the plaintiff can pay for the injuries and damages that have arisen unexpectedly due to the accident. Many a time, the attorney of another party gets in touch with you and makes an offer. You might get confused about accepting or rejecting it. In this case, an auto accident attorney plays an important role.

Helping You Look at Several Factors

Your attorney will suggest that you should not agree to whatever amount another party is offering. The reason is that once you accept this offer, you will not be able to get any compensation in the future even if the injuries are severe. You might not be aware of the extent and nature of your injuries when you accepted the offer. Let your attorney speak to them. He will help you in making the right decision after carefully assessing your medical condition.

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It has been observed that people accept the settlement offer at the early stage because they want to pay for the medical bills and car repairs. In some cases, if the person has lost wages or is unable to work for a few months, the pressure of accepting the offer even becomes more at the early stage. The insurance companies as well as another party just want to move on by giving you some bucks.

On the other hand, an attorney will help you explore various other options in which you are likely to get more compensation, which you deserve. It will be based on the extent and nature of the injuries, not any random amount.

Settlement Based on Facts

While calculating the amount, an attorney ensures that your medical condition, bills, costs of visiting the doctor frequently, property damages and suffering are considered. He will prepare the case and present it in court where the jury will look at these facts. They will decide the amount according to the state’s personal injury laws.  That’s why, it is always a good idea to hire a qualified and talented attorney instead of falling for the lame offer made by insurance companies. They only want to save their money and refuse the claim. The attorney ensures that his client’s rights are protected.

With a fair amount, you will be able to pay your medical expenses and get your car working again.

If you have been injured in a car accident and want to get compensation, you will have to prove in court that you were severely injured and your car was damaged. Proving your damages and negligence of another party is a complex task and you will need the guidance of a car accident attorney in Miami, FL. He will make you aware of how to prepare the case keeping in view of the right compensation.  Below mentioned are a few important proofs that you must possess to file the case effectively:

Liability of Another Party

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When after a car accident, you are filing a claim; you will have to prove that the accident occurred due to the fault of another party. Your attorney will check and review all the proofs such as CCTV footage, record the statements of witnesses and interview another party. After gathering the information, he will prepare a document stating that it was another party’s negligence that the accident has occurred. Traffic violations can play a significant role in establishing liability.

The Severity of Bodily Injuries

At the time of filing the case, you will have to give all the evidence showing the bodily injuries including medical bills, tests done and medicines taken. If there was an admission to the hospital, you will have to prove it in court. The jury will review these documents properly so that they can give you a fair reward. In many cases, the medical expert is also consulted before concluding any amount. That’s why, it is suggested to collect all your medical bills right from the start. The compensation will depend on the nature and extent of the injury.

Car Damages

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The insurance company can send an adjuster to look at the severity of the car damages. He can give you an estimate of the car repairs. It is highly recommended ask your attorney to intervene and evaluate the amount that you may have to spend on repairing the car. He will get in touch with an insurance company and get the document showing the estimate.

Injuries Covered in a Personal Injury Claim

You may get bodily injuries during a car accident. Every person an injury is unique because the nature and extent of injuries are different for every injured person. We can enlist a few common injuries for which you will get paid as below:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Whiplash
  • Brain and spine injury
  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue damages
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Bruised ribs

All of the above-mentioned injuries can make a person disabled for a few weeks or months. Some severe injuries such as head and spine may cause permanent disability in a person. Depending on the severity of injuries, the person can get compensation. He has to submit the proof showing that the accident has caused these injuries and hence, the disability.

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Car Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

The car may get adversely affected due to a car accident. Even a minor dent or breakage can cost several dollars. The at-fault party or his insurance company can be held liable to pay for these expenses. Some of these damages can be enlisted below:

  • Dents and scratches on the body of the car
  • Dents on the fender
  • Scratched or chipped paint
  • Broken windows, mirrors and windshield
  • Dented rims
  • Damages to tires and engines
  • Damages taillights and headlights

Property Damages

If you had an expensive laptop or any other item in your car at the time of the accident, you can add it to your claim. You will have to attach a picture of the damaged property at the time of filing the case.

The documents including photos and videos can make a great difference in the amount of compensation.