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Wireless vs Wired Headphones: Which Is for You?

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Oh! The endless debate!

Should you go for wired headphones or wireless ones? What difference will you feel with either of them, and what is more cost-effective? Well, here is your answer.

Yes, for all those Zen Z out there who were born with the concept of Bluetooth headphones, there are people who still like the simplicity of wireless earbuds. This brings us to the ultimate tech debate of which is better.

Believe it or not, both of these options have their pros and cons. So, here is how you can choose.

Wired Headphones

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Here are your detailed pros and cons for wired headphones.


There go the pros.

1. They Support All Devices

No matter the device you are looking at, if it has a working headphone jack, you are good to go. However, it doesn’t limit your cellular device or laptop. A wired headphone can also connect with other music devices like a vinyl, iPod, and cassette player.

2. They Are Cheaper

They are comparatively cheaper than their wireless counterparts. If you are looking for wireless headphones with quality features, they can cost you a lot. On the other hand, wired headphones with the same quality can cost you much cheaper.

3. Higher Quality Audio

This is not a con you would associate with wired headphones, but if you buy them from a credible company and use it correctly, they will give you high-quality music. Like the perfect bass for your favorite metal band. You just have plugs that fit you perfectly, and you are good to go. Some are better in comparison and contrast with their wired counterparts, and they cost the same.


Here are your cons.

1. Tangling Is A Nuisance

Yes, tangling is a big nuisance for wired headphones because sometimes, even in pockets, they can tangle with such ferocity that you will be sure it is the work of the devil.

Now, when you try to untether them, you can wreck them with the constant pull. This is why our wired headphones expire too soon; we do not always have the patience to untangle them.

2. It Is Not Future Proof

This is a serious issue with wireless headphones. Since there are phones coming with no headphone jack, and you likely have to buy an extra extension to connect the headphone, buying a wireless one seems like a better idea.

3. Limiting Movements

It is difficult when you are running or doing physical activity. If you are commuting in a dress with no pocket, you have to keep the phone in your hand. You cannot clean wearing headphones before scouring your phone.

Wireless Headphones

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The detailed pros and cons if you want wired headphones.


Here are your pros.

1. No More Tangling

Whether you go for headphones around the neck or earplugs, there is one thing for sure; they will never get tangled. You can take it out and simply keep it anywhere you want.

2. Doesn’t Restrict Motion

They are your perfect gym or running companions since your phone wouldn’t be hanging from a wire anytime soon.

3. It Is Future Proof

No matter the handset you use in the future, your wired headphones don’t have to be off that company, but they will surely connect to the new device.


Now, coming to the cons.

1. Maintenance Is Difficult

Yes, maintenance is a little difficult when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. The biggest challenge is you have to charge them, or else it is useless.

2. Can Be Expensive

Yes, it can be expensive, especially if you want all the good features on your headphones. For example, if you want something with quality sound, you have to spend more than you would on a wired one.

3. Not Compatible Music Devices

Music devices like a cassette player, vineal, or earpods cannot support this device. There are even some desktops that don’t support Bluetooth, and you will need to connect to a wire.

Wired Or Wireless? Why Is The Choice Not That Simple?

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If you look at it closely, you will find some cons over the pros for each of the choices. So, why is the choice so difficult?

It seems like each of them is fulfilling one of our needs, while the other is getting heavily dissatisfied. If you need good sound quality in a cheaper price range, which will not require too much maintenance, you will go for a wireless one. But then again, working out with them could be a nuisance.
Now, maybe your needs are a little fancy, yes, you can go for earpods, but if your usage is too vigorous, you have to be careful with them. You can not use them all the time and wear them out if you want longevity, and if they are earpods, the fear of losing them is too much.

So, what should you do?

How about understanding the reason for using headphones and then prioritizing? For example, if you absolutely cannot run or get into the groove of your gym without music, getting a wireless one is a wise choice. However, if the need is for music when you are working or on a commute, you can compromise a little with wired headphones. Since you are sitting around, it wouldn’t be much difficult to maneuver the wire along with the phone.

The End!

Now that you have a good verse study of both pros and cons without going too much into the technicality of two, you should be able to decide upon one. However, whichever you choose, remember that electronics will require certain maintenance, or else you will wreck them easily.

It is clear that wired headphones will be ruling the future, but that being said, it is not wrong to have wireless headphones if they fulfill your need. This is one of the reasons why we need to.

Pick wisely!