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Which European City Had The Oldest Casino?

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European casinos may not resemble Macau and Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t exclusivity in the experience. On the other hand, many European countries offer what is known as gambling tourism.

Can the opening of casinos and the development of tourism go hand in hand? Maybe there are no real answers yet, but we always learn a lot from the already existing primer practices of some other destinations.

We can say that casino tourism makes no sense if there are no accompanying facilities. The goal is certainly to provide visitors with a variety of other facilities in addition to the most expensive games and the opportunity to enjoy what they cannot do at home because it is logical to conclude that they will not spend their entire stay enjoying just one activity.

The development of casino tourism largely depends on the development of the online casino industry. Considering that casino tourism is based on traveling to another country in order to enjoy casino games, the offer to play those games online can significantly harm that concept. It is logical to conclude that there is no point in traveling if you can enjoy these games from the comfort of your home. As proof, you can check on https://www.bestunitedstatescasinos.com/best-payout-online-casinos/.

And since we are talking about this type of tourism here, we must also mention that even Europe has many legendary casinos.

Are you interested to get to know them better, to decide where to go next time?

Casino di Venezia

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This casino is located in Italy. It was built in 1638. With this, this casino is the oldest in Europe, but also in competition for the oldest casino in the world that is still working. The building itself was built in the Renaissance style. Unsurprisingly, it is located in Venice and is reached by gondola.

In the past, originally, this casino was intended for the upper class and the elite from Europe. Over the years, it has been opened to the public. At one point, it was renovated for about 10 years, after which it opened with a completely new and modern interior, but with the authenticity of the buildings preserved.

So, if you go to Casino di Venezia today, you will be able to play slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and any other game you can think of.

And of course, we guarantee that there is no more beautiful and exclusive feeling in the world than gambling in one of the oldest casinos.

Kurhaus Casino of Baden-Baden

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In this case, it is a German casino that may not be very popular nowadays, although it was once part of the Casino de Monte-Carlo (which we will talk about later).

The casino is located near the French border and is only successful because gambling has been banned in France for years. So, people living in the border areas often traveled there, so that they could gamble.

Even today it works in a similar way, and we have to admit that it looks luxurious and beautiful.

Casino de Spa

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This casino is another one of the legendary buildings on the soil of Europe and is located in Belgium. What is an additional attraction is the spring of mineral water, which many consider being healing.

Like every other European casino, this one was originally intended only for the aristocracy. In fact, ordinary people did not even have access to such services.

At one point in history, this casino had a huge fire, but it was later rebuilt. So today, many Belgians and tourists love to come here, so they can gamble or feel like they are on a wonderful luxury vacation.

Casino de Monte Carlo

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As we promised you, we are also talking about another one of the most famous casinos in Europe. This casino dates back to the time of the House of Grimaldi. The royal family was suffering from huge financial losses, and on the verge of bankruptcy, Princess Caroline opened the casino. According to her, if tourists come to gamble, there will be a huge influx of money in Monaco.

We can say that if now the princess is watching from somewhere, she must be proud of what she has achieved. Nowadays, this casino is one of the most attractive for elite groups from Europe and the world. Yes, you got it right, this casino still exists and not only saved the House of Grimaldi but is still one of the most important economic factors in Monaco today.

The creator of Bond, Ian Fleming, got the inspiration for the character of the famous secret agent here. Well, you can probably see for yourself how significant this casino is.

Salzburg Casino

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If the name Salzburg sounds familiar, then you are indeed right, as it is the birthplace of Mozart in Austria. And also there is quite an old casino, although, unlike the previous ones, this one was opened in the 20th century. It is an architectural work by the architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach.

The building is in baroque style and is truly luxurious, and from games, you have available blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. Today, this casino is owned by a larger corporation, but despite this, it is one of the places where you can experience European gambling luxury.


These are the oldest casinos in Europe. However, there are still many countries that have a developed casino scene, such as Croatia or Macedonia. Most often, they work for casino tourists from neighboring countries, especially where gambling is prohibited.

In short, the conclusion is that casinos alone are not enough to achieve significant tourism progress. Many additional facilities are needed in order to attract a large mass of tourists.

The mentioned ones are already popular among consumers. But, not all of them are using the potential for European casino tourism growth.

But, who knows, maybe soon people will realize there are so many exceptional casino resorts in Europe, and contribute to the overall economy, no matter which country they decide to visit.