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MO3 Biography, Songs, & Albums |

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MO3 is a Japanese pop singer and songwriter. He released his debut single, “Ievan Polkka,” in January 2017. His first album, Ievan Polka, was released on April 27 of the same year.

The where is mo3 from is a question that has been asked many times. MO3 was born in the city of New York and began his career as a rapper.

Biography of the Artist

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4 Indictments MO3 is a Dallas rapper who came out of the city’s Northside with uncompromising and honest street portraits. On albums like 2017’s 4 Indictments and Shottaz 3.0, his booming flows and slow-burning approach matched with streetwise lyricism.

MO3 was murdered and died in November of that year, just as his career was on the rise, after the release of his collaboration with Boosie Badazz in 2024. Shottaz 4Eva, a postmortem album, was released early the next year.

Shottaz Reloaded Melvin Noble, better known as MO3, was born in 1992. Shottaz, his 2014 mixtape, served as his rap debut. He gained a local following as a result of his efforts, and he signed a contract with his hero, Texan rapper Boosie Badazz.

Shottaz Reloaded, the sequel to his debut, was released at the end of 2015. The album included the song “Hold Ya Tongue,” which became a modest success for MO3, with over two million streaming views in the year after its release.

Reloaded peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Rap chart and second on the Heatseekers list. 4 Indictments, his follow-up, was released in late 2016 and quickly rose to the top of the Heatseekers list the following year. In 2017, he also released the Gangsta Love, Pt. 1 mixtape.

Badazz MO3 Shottaz 3.0, MO3’s 2018 album, included one of his greatest singles ever, the cautionary “Errybody,” which also raked up millions of streams. He mostly issued singles the next year, including the Aaliyah-inspired “No Feelings” and the stormy “Too Much Pride.”

He collaborated with legendary Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz for the collaboration mixtape Badazz MO3 in February 2024. The album debuted at number 136 on the Billboard 200 list. MO3 was engaged in a vehicle pursuit on a major Dallas highway on November 11 of that year.

He wrecked his automobile after being chased by another vehicles and was shot and murdered by an unidentified shooter while trying to escape. His label, H$M/Empire, released a posthumous MO3 album called Shottaz 4Eva early the following year.

MO3 is a rapper from the UK. He has released two albums and a number of songs. His most popular song Who Is Mo3 Mother was released in 2012. Reference: who is mo3 mother.