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DJ Luian Biography, Songs, & Albums

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DJ Luian is a Grammy-nominated American record producer, songwriter, and musician. He has produced songs for artists such as Rihanna, Drake, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Chris Brown and many more.

DJ Luian, a Puerto Rican DJ/producer, came to prominence in the 2010s with a series of massive singles. He developed a loyal fan following and parlayed success with his solo career into the establishment of his Hear This Songs record company by using social media platforms to promote his music.

DJ Luian achieved success after hit, collaborating with emerging artists like J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Farruko, and others to produce reggaeton bangers like “Tremenda Sata” in 2014 to more R&B-leaning tracks like “Babalu” and “Solita” in 2018.

Meet the Orphans Luian Malave, better known as DJ Luian, was born in 1990. After years of behind-the-scenes labor, he broke through with the production of reggaeton artist Don Omar’s Meet the Orphans in 2010. That year, he started uploading videos of his songs on YouTube, and his popularity skyrocketed. Luian established the Hear This Music label with collaborators the Mambo Kingz in 2015 after a series of high-energy songs went viral.

The label soon began creating high-profile tracks after signing Spanish trap prodigy Bad Bunny, with Luian often at the head of the production. Despite the fact that DJ Luian released numerous full-length albums and collaborations with artists like as Arcangel and Wise the Gold Pen, songs from Hear This Music appeared to be the most popular.

Luian worked on songs like Bad Bunny’s “Mia” starring Drake, a duet with Mambo Kingz and De la Ghetto called “La Ocasión,” a remix of Bad Bunny’s big hit “Soy Peor,” and many more throughout the following several years. DJ Luian is an American DJ and producer of Puerto Rican descent. He is best known for his singles Vibe and Bump It Up. Reference: dj luian novia.