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New Order is a British band that formed in 1980 and became one of the most influential groups of the post-punk era. Their music has been described as “the sound of Manchester.” The band was founded by former Buzzcocks singer, Pete Shelley, who named the group after the military police unit which arrested him during an anti-nuclear protest.

The new order blue monday is a song by the band new order. It was released on their album blue Monday.

Technique New Order rose from the ashes of Joy Division, the legendary British post-punk band, to become one of the most acclaimed bands of the 1980s; embracing the electronic textures and disco rhythms of underground club culture many years ahead of its contemporaries, the group’s pioneering fusion of new wave aesthetics and dance music successfully bridged the gap between new wave aesthetics and dance music.

As they tried to come to terms with Ian Curtis’ death, the band’s early albums were chilly and at times aggressive. Their albums got more poppier and accessible as their confidence and desire to experiment with new sounds increased.

They established themselves as hitmakers with singles like “Blue Monday” in 1983 and “The Perfect Kiss” in 1985, while albums like Low-Life in 1985 had a more somber, song-based sound. Technique, released in 1989, was the band’s commercial and, many would argue, creative high point, as they effortlessly blended club culture with songcraft.

Following this, the band’s focus shifted to other projects, with members only reuniting for New Order recordings on rare occasions, such as for Republic in 1993. When original bassist Peter Hook left the band in 2006, they were forced to take a new path.

After several member changes, the band continues to play as a live act, releasing albums like Music Complete in 2015 and singles like “Be a Rebel” in 2024. Throughout it all, their impact remained undiminished, with bands as varied as Galaxie 500, the Chemical Brothers, and the Killers drawing inspiration from their style and songs.

Unknown Pleasures New Order’s beginnings may be traced back to mid-1976, when guitarist Bernard Sumner (previously Albrecht) and bassist Peter Hook declared their desire to create their own band after being inspired by a recent Sex Pistols performance. After enlisting the help of vocalist Ian Curtis and drummer Stephen Morris, they decided on the moniker Joy Division and released their groundbreaking first album, Unknown Pleasures, in 1979.

Closer Curtis hung himself on May 18, 1980, after finishing recordings for Joy Division’s second album, Closer; heartbroken, the surviving three split, only to re-form shortly after as New Order with the addition of keyboardist Gillian Gilbert.

The new group debuted in March 1981 with the song “Ceremony,” a darkly melodic effort originally written for use by Joy Division, with Sumner taking over vocal duties. A few months later, the LP Movement emerged, and when it mined terrain similar to New Order’s earlier iteration, many critics dismissed the band as rehashing old glory.

The quartet began adorning its sound with synthesizers and sequencers with its next single, “Everything’s Gone Green,” inspired by Kraftwerk’s music as well as the electro beats coming up from the New York underground; 1982’s “Temptation” continued the trend, and like its predecessor was a major favorite among clubgoers.

Power, Corruption & Lies New Order resurfaced in 1983 with their breakthrough hit “Blue Monday,” packaged in a provocative sleeve that resembled a computer disc, with virtually no information about the band itself — a hallmark of their mysterious, distant image — it perfectly married Sumner’s plaintive yet cold vocals and abstract lyrics with cutting-edge drum-machine rhythms ideal for clubbing.

“Blue Monday” went on to sell over three million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling 12″ record of all time. New Order joined up with then-unknown producer Arthur Baker to create “Confusion,” another state-of-the-art dance hit that even made it into the American R&B charts when their outstanding second album, Power, Corruption and Lies, was released in 1983.

The group’s popularity quickly earned them a deal with Quincy Jones’ Qwest label in the United States, but they stayed out of the limelight throughout 1984, with the exception of two songs, “Thieves Like Us” and “Murder.”

Low-Life New Order reappeared in 1985 with Low-life, their most completely realized effort to date, ushered in by the excellent song “The Perfect Kiss.” Breaking with long-standing convention, it actually featured pictures of the individual members, implying a greater closeness with their expanding fanbase.

Brotherhood was formed in 1986, and their song “Bizarre Love Triangle” became a hit with mainstream music listeners. New Order’s American breakthrough came a year later with Substance, a much-needed compilation of songs and remixes; it was New Order’s first Top 40 hit, with the freshly recorded track “True Faith” reaching number 32 on the US pop charts.

The remixed “Blue Monday 1988” followed, and in 1989, New Order released Technique, their most club-focused album to date, inspired by the ecstasy-fueled dance music that their work had obviously pre-dated and influenced. It spawned the singles “Fine Time” and “Round and Round.”

The Beach [Original Soundtrack] New Order took a break after recording the 1990 English World Cup Soccer anthem “World in Motion” to pursue solo projects; Hook formed the band Revenge, longtime friends Morris and Gilbert recorded as the Other Two, and, most notably, Sumner teamed up with ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant in Electronic, which scored a Top 40 hit with the single “Electronic.”

New Order reformed in 1993 for Republic, their greatest success to date and the band’s highest-charting American song (“Regret.”). New Order spent the mid-’90s in limbo, with Sumner finally recording a long-awaited second Electronic LP and Hook launching another new project, Monaco, despite reports of increasing creative disputes. Refusing to confirm or refute news of a split, New Order merely spent the mid-’90s in limbo.

New Order’s first new album in years, “Brutal,” was included on the soundtrack of the 2000 film The Beach, and the full-length Get Ready was released a year later. Gillian Gilbert had left the band at this point to care for her and Stephen Morris’ children, and Marion guitarist Phil Cunningham had been brought in to round out the lineup. After the success of Get Ready, New Order created a follow-up album, Waiting for the Sirens’ Call, which was released in 2005.

New Order decided to call it quits for the second time in 2006, after a string of one-off shows, when bassist Hook proposed that they should call it quits for good. Sumner formed Bad Lieutenant alongside Cunningham in 2009 after declaring that they would no longer record as New Order.

New Order confirmed a handful of live performances following a two-year hiatus, with Gilbert rejoining the band after a ten-year hiatus. For the first time since New Order’s inception, Peter Hook was not in the band, and was replaced by Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman. Hook, on the other hand, kept busy, recording and performing with his band the Light and authoring Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, a memoir of his time in Joy Division.

Lost Sirens The band’s triumphant comeback to the live arena was recorded on the CD Live at the London Troxy, which was published at the end of 2011. The band continued to tour throughout 2012, joining Blur and the Specials in London’s Hyde Park to help close off the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and announcing the release of Lost Sirens at the conclusion of the year.

The album was published in January 2013 and included tracks recorded at the time of 2005’s Waiting for the Sirens’ Call. The band joined with Mute Records a year later, and in 2015, they released Music Complete on the label. Brandon Flowers, La Roux, and Iggy Pop had guest appearances on the album, which was produced by the band alongside Tom Rowlands (of the Chemical Brothers) and Stuart Price on a few tracks.

The album came released in a number of forms, including a deluxe vinyl box set with longer versions of all of the tracks. In May of the following year, these versions were published individually under the title Music Complete.

NOMC15 The band continued to perform live and released NOMC15 in 2017, a career-spanning concert filmed live in 2015 at the Brixton Academy, and NOMC19 in 2019. (No,12k,Lg,17Mif) So it goes…, a documentary about New Order and Liam Gillick’s five-night engagement at the Manchester International Festival in 2017.

The program was taped in the same studio where Joy Division first appeared on television, and it included a 12-piece synthesizer orchestra accompanying the band as they performed a collection of deep cuts from various periods of their career.

In 2024, the band released the upbeat song “Be a Rebel,” which was followed by numerous remixes that were ultimately gathered on a CD or triple-12″ single. In May of 2024, Education Entertainment Recreation was released, which was a recording of a hit-heavy 2018 live performance in London’s Alexandra Palace.

The new order 2024 is a band that was formed in 1980. They have released many albums and songs over the years.