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Los Dos Carnales Biography, Songs, & Albums |

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Los Dos Carnales is a Latin American music duo from Puerto Rico. Their first album, “Amor De Mi Vida”, was released in 2008. They have released six albums since then and are considered one of the most popular Latin American artists.

Los Dos Carnales, a Mexican-American band from San Diego, was formed in 2007. The group consists of brothers Jorge and Sergio Navarro as well as their cousin Ricardo Ricky Navarro. Their first album was released in 2008.

Los Dos Carnales is a norteo quartet headed by Alfonso “Poncho,” a singer and bajo quinto guitarist, and Imanol Quezada, an accordionist and harmony vocalist, with Armando Hernández on bass and Kevin Montemayor on drums.

Their compositions, whether originals or covers, provide a distinctively traditional (and self-described “primitive”) take on corridos, bandas, and romanticos, hailing from San Pedro in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. While the Quezadas are enthusiastic supporters of the alternative corrido movement, they have decided to follow a more conventional route.

Their music is a mix of acoustic guitar, accordion, bass, and drums, with a rurally styled vocal harmonies. Te Lo Dije, their self-released studio debut, was a hit in Mexico. Their following videos (which have amassed hundreds of millions of views) and follow-up EP Somos Arrieros, released by Afinarte Music in Los Angeles, drew in even more fans from Latin America and the United States.

Poncho and Imanol Quezada first worked together as a duet. They’d been performing music since they were kids, but Poncho, who was six years older, quickly established himself as a ten-string guitarist and vocalist in a number of other local bands. To form their own group, he recruited his younger brother, who plays the accordion, as a songwriting collaborator and harmony vocalist.

The pair polished their skills by performing at neighboring Torreon truck plazas and posting footage on social media. After receiving good feedback, they decided to expand on traditional norteo by adding a rhythm component. They performed at small venues and street festivals before being chosen as the opening act for La Trakalosa de Monterrey in 2017. They acquired an agent and started opening for touring acts in Coahuila since it worked so well.

Los Dos Carnales released their first song, “Puro Dos,” via digital and social media in 2018. They followed it up with Te Lo Dije, a self-released full-length album. The album’s title tune included a collaboration with Luciano Diaz, a well-known Uruguayan composer. El Fantasma was impressed by the album (Mexican regional singer and songwriter Alexander Garcia).

He wrote them an Instagram message stating he wanted to re-record their corrido “El Envidioso” with them. He also promoted the band to his record company, Afinarte Music. They signed the foursome based on his word, their music, and their increasing popularity in video and streaming. The label took the band on the road for En Vivo Desde Las Caas after releasing the live En Vivo with Banda y Norteno to finish off the year. In early 2019, it drew a lot of attention on social media.

Los Dos Carnales returned to the studio a few months later and recorded the EP Dio Vuelta la Monedat. As a thank you to their champion, it featured the tribute song “El Corrido de El Fantasma.” Los Dos Carnales has since recorded and performed alongside El Fantasma on several of his tracks.

Afinarte Music rushed the band back into the studio as their videos continued to get millions of views. The eight-song Somos Arrieros was released in late 2019 to widespread praise, with critics praising the band’s steadfast commitment to traditional traditions even as the creative alternative corrido trend dominated the charts. El Fantasma made an appearance on the album’s popular streaming song “Vida Ventajos.”

Al Estilo Rancherón Los Dos Carnales toured Mexico and the Southwest of the United States late in the year and early in 2024. They got off the road just before the COVID-19 epidemic shut it down. In July, the band returned to the studio and released the full-length Al Estilo Rancheron.

It was their first chart appearance, and it peaked at number two on the Mexican Regional Albums list. “El Envidioso,” the album’s first song, reached number five on the radio charts and topped many streaming services’ playlists.

Los Dos Carnales is a Mexican band that was formed in the early 90’s. They are known for their fusion of rock, punk, and cumbia music. The band has released 6 albums and 2 compilations. Reference: how much does los dos carnales charge.