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Can Feminized Seeds Turn Into Male Plants?

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Growing cannabis is a serious business these days. Some companies invest millions into this sphere of operations. But still, there are those of us who want to grow a few plants at home. For personal use, and a little bit amateurish. When you’re doing it all on your own a few questions arise. Most of us can’t tell whether we’re working on masculine or feminine plants. That’s right. Cannabis can be of gender, and in this article, we are going to talk about how to tell the difference between the two genders.

For everyone, it is essential to know what you’re grooming while the plant is still developing. It’s easier to tell the difference when the plants are developing, and the flower can be seen. The trick is to tell which is which while they’re still developing. Let us tell you right now this is no easy task. Taking cannabis from gender to gender in the early stages of development is not easy. While not straightforward, it is doable. It is a skill that is learned through the years. Even if you’re an amateur in the field it is vital to learn this. Seeing standard ones and telling them apart from ladies, how to work around them, and how to get rid of masculine ones is what’s important

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While it’s possible that you never dwelled on the subject of cannabis theoretically, there is so much to learn that you wouldn’t believe it. There are thousands of articles all over the web covering various issues regarding these plants. If you ask us it is a quite interesting subject and one worth exploring. For today, we are going to focus on the question can femmes turn into males? This is what you came here to learn after all, and we’re going to try to give our best answer to this question.

The Creation of Female Seeds

After reading his article you’ll be operating the same way as we are. Female seeds are the answer. Just like the famous Wolverine, they have an origin story. Theirs doesn’t start in a military basement, but it is based on a metal – colloidal silver. If you want the all-female squad you’ll remove male chromosomes from the plants by spraying them with this chemical. This is the primary way of handling operations in this domain. You could find other ways of doing it but none are straightforward as this one. Also, some other chemicals are hard to find that could do the same work. The end goal is to strip the plants of ethylene which is in charge of making the male seeds grow. When you start doing this process frequently the results will be seen by the end of the cycles. The pollen sacks created this way will be full of female seeds. When the same pollen is later used on already female plants the circle is completed. An army of all female plants is created.

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If this is not the way you want to go, the other option on your hands is called rodelization. Some breeders use this method. Yes, it is a far more natural method but it does not guarantee you success, so it’s not frequently used. It is unreliable as it could produce both male and female seeds at the same rate.

Feminized Seeds And a Possibility of Male Plant

This is a fair question. Can this happen? Don’t worry you’re not the only one asking this. Growing lady seeds is what most people do. Can they result in male plants? The answer is no. when you’re having feminized seeds there’s no need to dwell too deep into sexing the pants. Yes, there is a slim possibility that a femme seed could produce a different gender. Nothing is 100% secure in this world. But, the chances of it happening are slim to none. It can happen with a 1% chance of this occurrence. If this happened to you, it is a unique case. Of course, there’s a chance you’ll be growing hundreds of plants, so having a male one here and there can happen. But, if you’re using female seeds on only a few plants, it is hard to expect this outcome. If you want to try and avoid this outcome entirely you should use quality female seeds such as those you can find with Obama Runtz Seeds.

Having good seeds is the root of your success. People in this business insist on having female seeds as their first move. Why? Well, it is an efficient way of doing things. With female seeds, it is guaranteed that you won’t be wasting resources on grooming these plants. Ladies should be the first choice for the majority of us, but we’re not going to lie to you. Some people use regular seeds. Unsexed seeds are still used and even insisted on them by individuals. If you want to experiment a little, you can try both. It is not unwise to experiment in this domain.

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They are good if you’re looking for a specific strain. If you were asking yourself why to go down this alley, that’s the answer. As we said, doing different things while grooming cannabis is an excellent way to grow while doing something you like. While we would always go with feminized seeds this is not a course of action for everyone. Some, particularly older growers insist on using only regular seeds. They see it as an old-fashioned way of doing things. They even insist on calling it the only and natural way of dealing with cannabis. While doing things this way is an established method, experimenting a bit is what we prefer and suggest to other people.

Old school growers call growing feminized seeds a gamble, while those who do it insist on having this challenge. What you should know is that if you try to do it the standard way, with regular seeds, you shouldn’t be hoping for female plants. That’s right. Getting ladies this way will most likely never happen. What you will receive are the males. Male plants are frequent when using regular seeds. With female seeds, not so much. This is why should start sexing your plants while they’re still in the seed form. If you don’t do this, you’ll be dealing with many male seeds down the road.