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Best Official Fifa World Cup Songs of All Time

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When fans think back on past World Cups, they frequently remember the champions and the amazing goals, but another memory plays a different note: anthems. The official song is one element that brings together football enthusiasts throughout the World Cup, even though they are supporting different teams.

The first anthem was “El Rock del Mundial” by Los Ramblers, sometimes known as “The Rock of the World Cup,” which was released in 1962. Since then, fans have been anticipating the anthem with every word cup. Since 2002, numerous artists have curated songs in various languages used for promotions; among these songs, one song was dubbed as the “official” version. Occasionally, there will be one anthem, and it will be translated into a different language.

There are plenty to choose from, but below are some of the World Cup anthems considered the best. However, they are in a particular order. Also, with the Fifa world cup comes the season of online betting. So, if anyone is looking to bet on football or enjoy the break time with a fun casino game, you can go for the 4rabet apk download. With the help of the mobile application, one can enjoy a seamless gambling experience.

1. We Are One: Pitbull, Claudia Leitte And Jenifer Lopez: Brazil, 2014

One of the most-played World Cup anthems is Pitbull’s “We are One,” which was released for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Pitbull adds enthusiasm to the song to support Jlo and Brazilian vocalist Claudia Leitte’s voice. He raps over smooth beats, and his moving lyrics come before the legendary Jennifer Lopez delivers one of her trademark brisk, rough verses.

It is a brilliant touch to have the chorus repeat “Ole, Ole, Ole” over samba-inspired beats, and the song itself is fantastic for dancing to. The video shows the harmony between various nations, and they have received widespread acclaim for their colorful and spiritual quality.

2. Waving Flag: K’Naan: South Africa, 2010

Although it wasn’t an official anthem, it is fair to say that this song comes to mind whenever someone mentions the 2010 World Cup. Although Shakira’s song served as the 2010 World Cup’s anthem, K’Naan’s song can undoubtedly be considered an anthem. K’Naan, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, nailed every upbeat note that contributed to the song’s popularity.

One may argue that this song’s verses aren’t its strongest point, but the chorus hit home. The music video is also incredibly entertaining and seems joyful and worldly. This World Cup theme anthem is among the best of all time thanks to its motivational lyrics and lively rhythm.

3. Waka-Waka: Shakira: South Africa, 2020

Another song from 2010 features a video that is among the most watched YouTube videos ever, with 3.2 billion views and increasing. This was the official song performed by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira. Whenever there is a talk about the world cup theme song, “Waka Waka” is a must.

This is a remake of “Zangaléwa,” a 1986 song by Golden Sound, a Cameroonian band.

This song’s chorus urged the audience to “do it” or “take action,” which everyone might use as a reminder when pursuing their goals. While getting you to move to the music also teaches you a valuable lesson.

This anthem is unique in that South African culture was brilliantly highlighted by everyone engaged, and also, it was the first time an African nation has ever hosted the event. Two classic songs, waving flag and waka waka in the same competition, were a testament to how positive the atmosphere was that year.

4. World In Motion: New Order: Italy, 1990

This one was the only song by New Order to top the UK charts. You can therefore imagine how popular the game is. However, because of how it feels and makes you fall in love with football, this song deserves to be here.

The song was produced on behalf of the England football team, and British soccer legend John Barnes contributed a guest rap to it. Additionally, additional artists contributed vocals, and comedian Keith Allen co-wrote the lyrics. Following the rap, they conclude the song with the stirring refrain, “We’re playing for England / We’re playing the song.” Even though the song supported the English team, any fan can resonate with the teams they were supporting.

5. La Copa De La Vida: by Ricky Martin: , 1998

The legendary song, also referred to as “The Cup of Life,” was written by Ricky Martin, especially for the 1998 World Cup. In fact, Fifa requested him to write a song.

The well-received song quickly gained international notoriety after Ricky Martin performed in Paris during the World Cup’s closing ceremony. During that time, around 2 billion people were watching it. The samba-influenced Latin pop song rose to prominence in the years that followed, and some media outlets even gave it credit for starting the “Latin explosion.”

6. Hot Hot Hot – Arrow: Mexico, 1986

This is remembered as the first song for the world cup that was acknowledged as excellent. Caribbean musician Arrow sang it. The single ‘Hot Hot Hot’ is interesting because it wasn’t created for the World Cup. The song was originally included in Arrow’s 1982 debut album.

However, after four years, FIFA accepted it for the World Cup, which was a big success. It had a Caribbean-inspired lively vibe, and stadium audiences loved it for its funky vibe and humorous lyrics. Overall, it had a festive atmosphere and is among the all-time best World Cup songs.


The FIFA world cup is a worldwide event that has an impact, particularly on the participant nations. People are huge fans of this game, and this event brings them all together. Undoubtedly, the official music that plays during the matches is one of the factors that help the world cup has such a wide audience. The music creates the atmosphere and spreads the world cup vibe everywhere. Since the FIFA world cup, 2024 is on the way, groove on to these songs to get into the vibe.