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How to Choose the Right THC Vape Pen for You

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The rising popularity of THC vaping is known to all. The recently found recreational benefits of the psychoactive effects of THC have renewed the popularity of THC products worldwide. Along with the health benefits, people are consuming it to cope with the impact of the ever-busier lifestyle. One of the most critical aspects of THC vaping is choosing the correct THC vape pen. To enjoy both complete pleasure and benefits, it is crucial that you have a suitable THC vaping device. This article has all the information you’ll need to find your perfect THC vape pen.

What Is THC Vape Pen?

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When one talks about a vape pen, it is usually the whole vaping kit, including all items you need to vape the liquid. The kit includes a cart tank or cartridge, atomizer, battery, mouthpiece, battery, threading, etc. The cartridge is connected with the battery through threading. The atomizer will source heat from the battery to vaporize the THC vaping oil in the tank. Finally, the coil in the vape pen heats the vaping oil and evaporates it. And you will inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece into your lungs. Nowadays, many different types of vape pens have many distinct features.

Various THC vaping devices

The craze of vaping is taking over the world. And in such an environment, there are too many options to choose from. In addition, there are many types of devices available to vape THC.

Rechargeable and Refillable

You can use and reuse these kinds of vape pens as many times as you want. A rechargeable battery and a cartridge that contains the e-liquid are connected by threading. A USB charger can be used to charge the battery. The battery-powered device can be used with various cartridges or tanks, or the tank can be refilled multiple times with the vaping oil. So, you can always alternate between the flavors of your vaping oil according to your mood and taste. As you’ll be using them for a long time, the vaping pens need proper maintenance and cleaning.

Single-used and pre-filled

The vaping oil is pre-filled in the cart tank with an internal battery that is usually small but rechargeable. The vape pen can be used for a fixed number of puffs varying from 100 to 800 puffs, depending on the capacity of the tank. These are single-used disposable vape pens. They can be your choice if you want a discreet and easiest vaping experience.

Some vape pens are small but can fit in a pocket easily.

What to look for while buying a Vape Pen?

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Nowadays, most vape pens come with a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery is the energy source to heat and vaporize the THC vaping oil. Ideally, one should look for a low voltage battery in a vape pen. Studies show that high temperatures heating the vape liquid lead to high carcinogen intake. Therefore, a low voltage battery that will create less heat will be the best option. Find a battery with a universal 510 thread that fits many vape cartridges.


An atomizer is a device in your vape pen that converts the electric energy into heat to vaporize the vaping liquid. Atomizer held a spiral wire coil wrapped around the device’s wicking material. The coil connects the positive and the negative part of the device. The battery will be engaged and heat up, thus vaporizing the e-juice that the coil holds. As the coils undergo repeated heating and cooling processes, they burn down over time.

Therefore, the coil is a part that needs to be changed after a short period. Prebuilt coil replacements are easy and also available on the market. Look for ceramic coils as they have a lower chance of spitback. Ceramic coils have an extended lifespan and provide improved flavor with no burnt taste.

The Temperature setting

While vaping, a perfect temperature is vital for an excellent vaping experience. You can always change the temperature. Some vaping pens come with temperature settings.

Other features

Besides the above-mentioned basic things, look for some extra features that will make vaping pleasurable and convenient. Some vape pens come with automatic and single-button operations. You do not have to press buttons 5-6 times to start your vape; inhale from the mouthpiece. Some sellers can customize the vaping liquid according to taste.

The THC Vaping Oil/ e-Liquid

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An essential part of vaping has a potent and good-quality THC vaping liquid. The gooey liquid with honey-like consistency that filled the cartridge is the primary source of THC while vaping. Therefore, you must look for the cartridge liquid’s flavors, quality, potency, and safety.

Potency and safety

Look for reliable sellers that provide you with a third-party lab test and a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of their products. The THC content in the liquid has to be 0.3% and derived from hemp extract. While some sellers use solvents like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) during the extraction process, others use CO2, which is safer and cleaner.


The experience of vaping is all about flavors that hit the spot. The cannabis terpenes that usually provide flavors and smell to their products are separated or destroyed during extraction. Some manufacturers add back the terpenes along with many artificial flavors.

The natural flavor of cannabis might not be your favorite choice. These added flavors become an essential factor in such cases. Always check different flavors of your THC vape pen. If you experience some foul chemical taste while vaping, the addictive flavor might not be the best one. Keep exploring and always check the ingredient list.


As more and more people are choosing vaping over smoking as a hassle-free, convenient and safer option, it is crucial to have proper knowledge about vaping devices. Each part of the THC vape pen makes the vaping experience pleasurable. Thus, choose your battery, cartridge, and vaping oil wisely.